Monday, August 21

"How... I'm not gonna ask questions. You're a Hutton. That's how you do."

-Gina, pondering how I got a futon to Nashville in (not on) a Honda

Thursday, August 17

"I don't know whose hand that is!"

- me, on being part of a mike and scott o. dance party sandwich

Wednesday, August 9

"he doesn't have this much personality in real life, but on the internet he looks awesome!"

- Scott O., on how Ray is the king of the quote blog with all of his choice quotes

Tuesday, August 8

"I think I must be black deep down somewhere!"

- Mike, realizing that contrary to the advice of Bel Biv Devoe, he can't help but trust a big butt and a smile.

"I hope I never break my spleen no matter how hard I rock with it."

-Mike, on leaning with it and rocking with it