Sunday, June 25

also there was giant underwear and a singing deer...

Well, we went to King Tut's last saturday and mo put an apron with boobs on matt and the next thing I know we're engaged..."


Congratulations!!!! WOO!!!

Sunday, June 18

The Realest of the Real? Quite Possibly

rebekah: on a scale of 1-10, how real do you think I keep it?
rebekah: 10 being the realest
ray: hmmm
ray: i've never even considered a "keeping it real" scale before.
rebekah: well consider it now
ray: the first number that came into my head was 8.5 before considering anything
ray: so i'll go with 8.5
ray: you're cheering for ghana against the u.s.
ray: that's totally keeping it real

Saturday, June 17


Thursday, June 15

Why do I have to be brought in to this? Some say I wasn't even there!

Tuesday, June 13

"we'll hold e-court!"
- mike, claiming that he slandered neither Ghana nor Ghanaians. Bring it mike.

Sunday, June 11

sometimes people say funny shit. for those times, and the enjoyment of others, there is this blog.