Monday, November 20

"I pick my battles."

"I don't! I fight them all!"
-scott o.

Tuesday, November 7

"please do not start shit with me. I'm trying to drink."

-me, on people in my biznass

Monday, October 16

Brewer's Jam Brings Out the Best In Many. If Only They Could Remember Where They Put It.

I didn't make it to the Brewer's Jam, but apparently many other people did, and some choice quotes from scott o. are the result:

"I've never let being drunk stop me before. People who let being drunk stop them from living life are pathetic!"

"You've never seen me drunk before."

"What am I doing!? I'm trying to seduce you. I can't do that. I know it will work. This happens when I drink."

Monday, September 18

ray: but the important question: did she get your purse?
me: NO
ray: DUDE
me: sweatshops don't take checks!
ray: lolol

- on chinatown and how it works in the black market

Thursday, September 7

gina: why would someone have helium-inflated sex dolls?

me: man, I dunno! harder to pin down?

- gina and me discussing why an urban legend about mistaken rapture is totally an urban legend.

Monday, August 21

"How... I'm not gonna ask questions. You're a Hutton. That's how you do."

-Gina, pondering how I got a futon to Nashville in (not on) a Honda

Thursday, August 17

"I don't know whose hand that is!"

- me, on being part of a mike and scott o. dance party sandwich